Grow Your Relationship


Co-Led Couples Therapy invites couples to work with two therapists simultaneously, male and female, in a safe, welcoming environment.

We all grow at different rates. If you’ve been in relationship for a significant time, you may have noticed an imbalance or a gap between you and your partner. Perhaps there is a wall or an empty space where before there was not. These changes can show up as frequent bickering, long silences, or hiding parts of yourself from the other person. Maybe some of the old ways simply no longer fit and you want to find new ones.

The good news: Every couple experiences growing pains. Marriage is hard work. Much like a garden, if a relationship is not tended to, if it’s exposed to harsh and unpredictable conditions, it will wither. Life is always throwing new and unexpected things our way: jobs, friends, health issues, children, in-laws, etc., and so the situation we entered into years before is not the one we find ourselves in now. A good relationship, like a sturdy tree, can endure the ages if we can learn to be flexible and nurturing, and not tumble down the road like a fragile leaf at the first sign of bad weather.

Making the decision to seek counseling is a sign of strength and health. Couples who engage in Co-Led Couples Therapy will be invited to dig in and get to the roots of the issues without destroying the garden itself. Compassionate and intuitive guides, one male and one female, will help you to reflect and express your feelings in a positive nurturing environment. Each participant has an advocate. Here, you can explore pathways together, forge new ways to grow together, and remember to respect that everyone’s process is a little different.


Co-Led Couples Therapy Benefits

Creates a safe and balanced environment for couples to talk

Increases feelings of being heard, and not ganged up-on

Invites discussion rather than argument

Explores and compares male and female perspectives

Utilizes teamwork rather than individual hardship

Models and teaches healthy interaction and tools for continued progress

Helps reduce stigma and understand cultural norms of the family dynamic

Increases clarity of relationship goals and explores autonomy and freedom between couples  

Connection and communication, and yes, conflict, are normal parts of almost every relationship. You can reduce conflict, misunderstanding and negative feelings and behaviors by strengthening communication and collaboration. In addition to taking positive steps in one’s marriage, the lessons that couples take with them can also strengthen relationships in other circles like work, parenting and social situations.

When we seek assistance, we are looking for answers: a better understanding of a problem, better communication or more intimacy. Others may seek guidance about how to balance time with a spouse, career or kids. Whatever your reasons, take heart that someone has gone through it before. The experienced therapists at Hope, Clarity & Healing are here to help guide you through the garden labyrinth that is relationship.