“The most important quality in a life coach is the ability to both listen and hear what is being said. I believe that to be one of Dr. Pourmand’s strongest assets. He is a man whose faith in the process of change comes from experience.”

— K.F.

“Dr. Pourmand is great for anyone’s self-esteem.  He was able to see the good in me and let me know all about it.  I am indebted to him for that because when I think I am doing well, I do well.”

— E.B.

“Dr. Pourmand, first and foremost, is passionate about people. His warmth and exuberance are so evident; one feels instantly comfortable in his presence. Because he has worked in a counseling capacity in various professional settings, Dr. Pourmand has had myriad opportunities to hone his natural gift for relating to others. He is truly moved to help people and has an incredible talent for making you feel like you are helping him simply by sharing your experience. He is grateful to be of assistance.” 

Amy O’Bryant Entrepreneur, Scholar

“Dr. Pourmand can always find a positive aspect in another person and easily validates the potential in his clients and friends. He is very approachable and able to use humor to put others at ease.”

— D.D.

“One of Dr. Pourmand’s strongest qualities is his genuine commitment to the growth process personally and for those that he serves professionally.  He is always able to see an opportunity for growth in even the most challenging situations.”

— P.P.